Swachha Graha, Hasiru Grama.

The Tharahunise Project was started in May 2016 and went on until June 2017. Its aim was to address issues related to soil, water, and waste management in the village of Tharahunise, located approximately 30 km north of Bangalore.

The Tharahunise Project had three main objectives:

  1. End to end waste management that is ethical and sustainable
  1. Visual cleanliness in and around Tharahunise
  1. Soil rejuvenation and adoption of sustainable agriculture techniques


The Tharahunise Project successfully diverted waste from its target area away from landfills such that dry waste has been recycled, wet waste composted or sustainably managed, and bio-hazardous waste safely disposed of.

It has also greatly enhanced the means of livelihood for four informal waste pickers who now have steady source of income, permanent housing, and official government identification.

At the beginning of the project, between July 2016 and October 2016, waste collected was not regularly recorded, however waste management services were in full swing post the Kick Off event.

The Tharahunise Project was intended to be a pilot to better understand the dynamics and functioning of a semi-rural area where no waste management systems previously existed. During the course of 8 months, the project has

  • Set up a regular waste collection system,
  • Enforced segregation at source from 350 households,
  • Significantly cleaned up the streets and informal dump sites
  • Changed attitudes towards waste and health
  • Elicited cooperation and participation from local government bodies and inspired them to take action in the field of solid waste management under the technical guidance of TAICT and its partners.

We received commendation from the members of Panchayat who invited us to expand the project into the other villages in the Panchayat and have vocally extended their support to us. We also recognised that this area is likely to experience rapid growth and development as more and more large scale residential and business complexes spring up near by.

To address the challenges faced during the pilot, expand services to all villages in Bettahalasur Panchayat, and plan for the future of the area, we conceived of the EcoGram Project — a community oriented waste management solution for Bettahalasur Panchayat and it's surrounding areas.


To know more about the project, you can visit our Resources page, which provides more detailed and in depth reports of our work. 

This project is sponsored by EMBASSY and supported HASIRU DALA