A movement for sustainable waste management practices


A forum of various Bangalore based organisations, individuals and vendors all working in the field of waste management who meet on a weekly basis to exchange ideas, share experiences and come out with a common agenda base on the best practices in Bengaluru. The vision of this interest group has been to bring the Municipal Waste Management Rules 2000 and its recommendations to life for the city. TAICT facilitates the meetings and provides infrastructural support and strategic inputs.

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Bengaluru Recycling Habba 2011-12: The first ever city wide recycling awareness drive

Recyclathon 2011: The first of its kind sustainability competition between communities in order to promote better waste management To promote three way segregation with colour coding thats as widely adopted by citizens across the city, which eventually became the law in Bengaluru in December 2015

SwachaGraha: a city-wide campaign launched in January 2016, seeking to promote home composting and responsible waste management, that also seeks to engage stakeholders into living sustainably. 



  • 2011 Namma Bengaluru Award for best Community Based group
  • 2013/14 Rotary NGO Award for Excellence as Social Change Maker
  • 2014/15 Karnataka Raja Parisara Award supported by the United Nations Environment Program