Myriam's Story

In the early 1990s, a German woman decided to embark on a tour around the world for an indefinite time. Destiny brought her to India, where the spirited young woman bought herself an Enfield Bullet which she rode all over the country for six months. Eight thousand miles and many adventures later, she was very clear that this beautiful country, rich in colours, breathtaking landscapes and the most hospitable people in the world had stolen her heart, and that one day she would come back to stay. After her stint in India she travelled extensively through other parts of Asia, Australia and Africa.

What had impressed her most were Indian traditions of recycling, preservation of material, and the deep rooted respect for Mother Earth. She was struck by the fact that this so called developing country was far ahead of the West. At that time the Green movement in Germany had just started to get some headway and was still struggling to cope with the environmental damage that ‘Wirtschaftswunder’ or ‘Economic Wonder,’ had left behind.

In 2004 her job with Deutsche Bank brought her to Bangalore, and enabled her to make her dream of settling in India come true. However the India she returned to had changed. The ‘Indian Wirtschaftswunder’ had a great negative impact on the environment and society. The country seemed to be overwhelmed by a wave of consumerism that had swallowed traditional Indian values, and created a huge problem of pollution and waste. Sustainability in form of made in India, by Indians for Indians had almost completely been destroyed.

This prompted Myriam and her husband Ajesh Shankar, to found TAICT. She brings over 25 years of experience as a Project Manager of large scale international projects, and has worked as part of senior leadership teams in the fields of Logistics, Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Online and Offline Business Processing, Cost Allocation Modelling, Risk Management, Compliance, Audit, and Event Management. She unites her skill of ‘matchmaking’ exceptional individuals and teams with her ability to propel purposeful thought and action to create social and environmental change, and has made a name for herself in the solid waste management space in Bangalore.